Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Another Man Released From Jail After He Is Proven To Have Been Falsely Accused

This article is profoundly troubling to me on a number of levels. It is far from the first time I’ve seen it reported that a convicted rapist is released after service a substantial chunk of his sentence when it comes out that the accusation was false. I use the pronoun “his” deliberately, as a woman going to jail for rape if the crime hasn’t been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt is Loch-Ness-Monster-rare. It may happen, but I certain don’t remember hearing anything about it.

This man was thrown in prison and kept there for over six years of a ten-year sentence after being convicted of attacking two adolescent sisters. Ok, that sounds fair so far. Real rape is a horrible crime. But

“David Carrington-Jones was locked up for attacking a girl who went on to accuse her brother, step father, fiancee, a boyfriend and even a customer at work. None of these cases were prosecuted and the girl was eventually cautioned by officers for wasting police time.”

She established herself as a liar, he has always denied committing any offense against either her or her sister, and yet he was denied parole twice because he wouldn’t admit that he did it. What happened to the girl who went on to accuse “her brother, a customer at work, a boyfriend, her fiance and her step father” of rape? After she admitted she accused her stepfather because she didn’t like him, the police issued her a “caution for wasting police time”.

It’s lucky for Mr. Carrington-Jones that the police finally had enough of her false accusations. It led him to ask for his case to be reviewed, and he was finally released. The judges found the case “profoundly troubling”. I’m glad to hear that, I really am. The only problem I have with it, though, is that it appears that the judges were more concerned about the fact that her credibility has been damaged beyond repair than the fact that a man lost six years and eight months of his life.

I can’t imagine that prison was a pleasant experience for him. It’s never a fun place, but rapists are above only child-molesters in terms of prison hierarchy. From what I understand, they are generally kept in isolation for their own safety, or they are beaten and raped themselves by their fellow inmates. The article mentions none of this, and I really wish it had. It would show much more clearly the shocking disparity between how he was punished, and how his accuser was punished.

The other major problem I have with this whole situation is that even now, we are told the man’s name. It’s routine to issue the name and photo of accused criminals before there is even a trial. And now we are reminded again of his identity. Good luck getting a job, Mr. Carrington-Jones.

So, who is the woman who received a warning for wasting police time? Maybe it was even a severe warning. Poor thing.

“Sir Igor however stopped short of naming and shaming the girl, in order that the identity of her sister - against whom no evidence of falsehood was produced - should be protected.”

I’m too disgusted to go on. Read the article.


Anonymous said...

A fair punishement for her would be to put her in jail for the exact time that man was in jail.

6 years and 8 months.

Anything less is encouraging women to make false accusations of rape.

Anonymous said...

FYI: Someone on Masculinist Man's comment section is impostoring luke skywalker, mikeusa, was impostoring khatacrunbuguler, bob, and might be impostoring you, feminist_scum, and yohan.

None of the above were logged in. Mikeusa posted a logged in post once he saw an imposter was posing as him and luke, and then attacked "feminist scum" "yohan" and "kelly mac" who may have also been imposters (you log in when you post for instance and the impostor is thought to be connected to robin steele, a blog who has criticized you along with the rest).

Is this an attempt at divide and conqure?

Anonymous said...

The Truly appalling spectacle of the Attention Whoring behavior, is that real victims of Rape. Are not believed by the Police. And when the innocent are punished for a crime they did not commit, the truly guilty party got away with it. And is free to Rape others.

It also erodes the very concept of respect for the Criminal Justice System. DNA evidence has cleared over 200+ Men now. This because of the Innocence Project. There is no telling how many are rotting in prison for a Crime they did not commit.

DA Nifong is proving to be a more common issue that we have been led to believe. Sadly Feminists are proving they have no concern for Justice only for revenge.


Injustice against Men is not going to make past injustices against Women right.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect Khankrum...I believe the real issue here is that A GUY DID OVER 6 YEARS FOR A CRIME HE DID NOT DO....

Frankly, I could give a rats ass if real rape victims feel more or less comfortable reporting based on this type of thing. I care about the people having their lives torn apart on the flimsiest of evidence (to the point of "he said, she said" actually convicting). And while it likely sucks to be raped, nothing will convince me encouragement in reporting is worth the cost of these men's lives. Sorry, just can't agree with that.

As well, I can't abide by notions of some possible "chilling effect" being the big issue here. These are men destroyed on the whim of a woman, with the State's full compliance and support - often convicted with laughable evidence.

THAT is the real issue if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

OOOoooOOOoooOOOoooOOO, a Severe Warning! That'll stop the liars in their tracks.

Anonymous said...

If any woman reading this is wondering why she can't get asked out no matter how provocatively she dresses, this is the reason right here.

Anonymous said...

And don't imagine for a second that the authorities involved DIDN'T know he was innocent. Prosecutors love nothing more than the smell of their own shit, and when forced to choose between hubris and common sense you know what they'll pick every time.

Anonymous said...

I am not disputing that an Innocent Man has been sent to Prison. We just had three boys accused of Rape. A 9 year old and two 8 year olds. By an 11 year old Girl. Who is two feet taller and 45 lbs. heavier. And the accused Perp has a Broken Wrist to boot. Something smells fishy here. Like some Sexual Experimentation that is elevated to Rape to protect the Reputation of the Girl. Who had another 11 year old Girl there as well.

She could not say No? Could not have pushed away a two foot shorter younger Boy? Who has not entered Puberty yet?

Rape is a tool to intimidate Men in the US. It is a scam. It is a fact that up to half of the Rape Allegations are fraudulent. Half.


Anonymous said...

The local paper just featured a story about a hometown man released from prison after serving 6 years of a 10 year rape sentence. Turns out DNA proved him innocent.

Just how common has this become? I know I refuse to be alone with any woman at work, and I make no attempt to meet women socially. I've become a little paranoid, I guess. I'm kinda broke; I don't have the resources the Duke Lacrosse players did to defend myself against PATENTLY FALSE rape charges. Justice is dead and stinking in this country. The Founding Fathers would spit on what we have become. The people are legally plundered through extortionary taxation, and the innocent are flung into jail by a system that has far more in common with a meat grinder than a court of Law. I have a dream that one day Americans will turn off their televisions and begin reading and thinking again.

No matter how cynical and disillusioned I become, I can't keep up.

Anonymous said...

The American justice is strange for any outsider, regardless if seen from Europe, from Arab countries or from Far East.

A 4 y.o. boy might be accused for sexual harassment, an 8 y.o. boy accused for rape and considered to be an adult, and a 17 y.o. boy be sent to prison for 10 years because of consenting oral sex with a 15 y.o. girl.

Legal fees are a horror, and if you have no wallet full of money, better enter a guilty plea-bargain, regardless if you are guilty or innocent.

Nowhere in this world are more men in jail than in the USA.

No surprise to read, that also innocent men are in jail, even for decades, often out of false allegations...

Anonymous said...

And no matter what the result is, even if the police state publically that you were innocent, most people will continue to believe you did it no matter what. That's how fucked this society is.

Anonymous said...

The article has been moved. Here is the new url:

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Anonymous said...

I want to see if you can assist me. I am a highly educated white male in my early sixties. I have, until recent years, been clearly left of center when it came to various human causes ( I am not a republican).
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Thank you,

Anonymous said...

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Bonnie said...

I'm with you to the point that this is horrible and that women who falsely accuse men of rape are some of the lowest, most vile people. I also think that the sex offender registry needs to be re-evaluated and some modifications need to be made (classic example, of course, being a 19 year old kid having consensual sex with a 17 year old and getting caught by her daddy, convicted, and added to the registry that will haunt him forever).

But false rape accusations are not a product of feminism. No true feminist would EVER say, "Oh yeah, I think it's great. Women should totally have the right to falsely accuse men of rape!" No true feminist would ever do such a thing, because a truly empowered, enlightened, and self-assured feminist woman can handle their differences with people without resorting to cheap shots like that. Feminists don't use sex as a weapon - weak little girls who have nothing going for them except the ability to spread their legs do.

Many rape activists are appalled by law enforcement's unwillingness to investigate rape, courts' reluctance to prosecute it, and juries' hesitation to convict. As a result, they try to eliminate the things that might dissuade real rape victims from reporting real rapes, like publication of their names and the tendency of defense attorneys to put the victims on trial by digging up irrelevant history that makes them look unstable or like a "slut." They worry about prosecuting those vile women who make deliberate false accusations because, as much as they hate them, there's a real risk that any woman who loses her rape case - even a valid case based on a true accusation - might be subject to prosecution and punishment. That is NOT okay. Accusing someone of murder or embezzlement or virtually any other crime can be life ruining for the accused, too, but you don't see Nicole's family on trial because OJ was acquitted. And if rape victims had to worry that they would be prosecuted and punished if they lost their case, even fewer women would prosecute than currently do.

This issue really isn't a problem of feminism so much as it is a problem of protecting real victims right to prosecute without fear of retribution while protecting the falsely accused from the bad apples out there.

siccarii said...

No, no, NO! A fair punishment, as you suggested, would merely be an equation of his time spent! She should not only serve his ENTIRE sentence, not just time served. Further, after completing her time, he should bring a CIVIL suit against her AND the County or State for Unlawful imprisonment, pain and suffering, defamation of character, loss of life experieences and income and finally monetary and punitive damages!!! justice is not as simple as 'Anonymous' suggests. perhaps this will give him/her some cause for thought. The days or even hours of life have a value far beyond money!

Anonymous said...

If Robin Morgan is still alive, If I was her, I would publicly apologize for saying that "man-hating" is a "honourable" and "viable" "political" "act".