Saturday, December 15, 2007

Blog Move Imminent

My bb, Egghead, has generously offered a portion of his time and bandwidth to host the reincarnation of my blog. The address is, and it's just beautiful! It isn't ready for use yet, but check it out. The theme suits my spirit perfectly. It's very peaceful and beautiful on the surface, but deep and mysterious at the same time. Egghead, you're the best!

ETA: soon


Trudy W Schuett said...

You will be well served to move. Anywhere but Blogger!
It is the the worst platform extant.

Anonymous said...

This is not a matter of being misguided by feminist attitudes. This is a matter of a woman who has major control issues using feminism as an excuse for her repulsive behaviour towards the men in her life, and trying to find something to blame for the "mistakes" she has made(she is not accepting responsibility).
People need to put things into perspective, feminism is not about defamation of men, it is about EQUALITY. The overall aim is to achieve equal rights for men and women, not to achieve a status of superiority for women. That is, nor ever has been the intention.
I'm not sure, I'm not an expert on feminist theory and literature, but I don't think there is any that promotes hatred towards men, branding men as inferior to women. I think women who have existing issues with men, from childhood or family experiences, use feminism as a excuse, right, reason to hate and abuse men.
I don't know whether its due to low self esteem or other mental illness that lead women like the author to situations like this, but there's definitely something wrong with the individual when you lose ability to guide your own path aided by the influences around you, not guided by the influences.
The author still clearly has a long way to go. Damn it sister be nice and smile because it makes YOU feel better, go to the gym because it makes YOU feel better. Not so you can find another partner to control.